Sime Boiler Review – 10 year Warranty!


New Boiler with 10 year Warranty – Sime Murelle

 Well the manufacturers are fighting it out with their warranty periods. 5 years now being the norm rather than the exception. But 10 year warranty! What’s the catch?

Sime have introduced on their ‘Murelle’ range a 10 yr labour and parts warranty, which covers their Combi and System boilers. The boiler quality and price is in the range of existing Worcester and Vailliant boilers. Perhaps not the most prettiest boiler on the market, but inside is quality with a stainless steel heat exchanger, and a detailed fault code display. They have a good selection of controls, clock and timers and flueing options, and they are UK based. But who are they?

Although not as well know in the UK as in Europe, they have been kicking around for some 40 years, and from studying their reputation, good reports are coming back. Not only from review site but also checking out specialist forums, which is good news for you and us. This company is growing fast. So what’s the catch on the 10 year warranty?

The catch, or should I say ‘peace of mind’ is, to ensure that the 10 yr warranty is valid, they have put a number of restrictions, innovations and rules in place, which are rather clever. Not a good sign for the cowboys, the cutting corners brigade and unregistered installers. Good news for us and you the customer though. But you have to play your bit.

The benefits of the Sime Murelle 10 yr warranty are not always apparent at first, but if you consider that the life span of the modern day condensing boiler is now about 10 years, they are covering you for virtually the life of the boiler.

The rules then are:-

The boiler is installed to current regulations and by a registered gas safe engineer. Can’t get round that one because Sime will only sell to registered gas safe installers and the 10yr warranty has too be sent the them, either pre registered by the RGI or registered by them to building control. Clever because they also want the RGI to register with them and they will register the installation for free. RGI incentive. Bye bye cowboy. Wave goodbye as he rides off into the prairie, kicking up a dust storm.

They insist the boiler is correctly flushed and commissioned to the Benchmark Scheme. The Benchmark member scheme is a nationally recognised scheme that places the responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure best practice in installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic heating in line with Building Regulations in England and Wales. Benchmark requires that installers complete a Benchmark check list, which is provided with the installation instructions, when commissioning a new heating appliance installation. Failure to install and commission according to the manufacturer’s instructions and complete the Benchmark Commissioning Check list will invalidate the warranty for the Gas Boiler installations.

The clever innovation with Sime Murelle range of boilers is having ‘Aquaguard Filter Protection’. All boiler manufacturers recommend the installation of a magnetic filter to protect the boiler and your Central Heating System, but it is not mandatory; unfortunately. The effectiveness of this aquaguard system will only be seen in time, but it is certainly better than no protection at all. Sime must have great faith in it alone to offer a 10 yr warranty. But that’s not all. Should you have a combi boiler and your heating and hot water requirements grow, you don’t have to change your boiler should you wish to have stored hot water.

This last rule is where you take some responsibility. They insist that the boiler is serviced annually and that the benchmark form is completed as proof. Failing this would invalidate the warranty, which you or I would not want, of course.

Additional benefits which you may not have thought of. If you have a 10 yr warranty, and you stick within the rules, which I would agree are fair, then you will have no need to open a separate maintenance contract, for boiler protection and repair. How much is that worth to you over 10 years? Possibly £ 2000.

To sum up. I have been impressed with what I see and what I read. We may be slow in responding to future changes or companies, preferring to stick with what we know, but in the case of Sime, if I am impressed then you should feel confident too. 10 year warranties are not the norm. Will other companies follow suit? I certainly will be recommending their products.

For more details and a installation quote give me a call NOW or email me.


Philip Moggridge – Gas Engineer 


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I'm married with three sons: now taller than me. I have a granddaughter that bosses me around and a grandson that wears me out. My wife is very understanding as I'm always busy with my Plumbing and Heating business. I like painting and drawing, family history research, Portugal, cooking and photography. I cannot sing or play the guitar, and I hate decorating. And I'm not photogenic. Umm! that just about sums me up.
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11 Responses to Sime Boiler Review – 10 year Warranty!

  1. ipwright83 says:

    Do you have any links to some reviews on this boiler? I’ve not managed to find any yet and the plumber I’m considering has suggested it.

    • Cannot say that we’ve fitted one yet, but their are a lot of engineers that have, and the reports back regarding after care service is not good. If you go to the DIY sites such as DIYNOT or Ultimatehandyman, they give ‘no holding back’ reviews. I’m contemplating rewriting this in view of recent changes. Other companies are now offering 10yr warranties and more…..

  2. Marc Glazer says:

    Sime Ltd do not have any regard for their customers,installers or end users.Their boilers in my opinion suffer from faults which they refuse to reconise.I fitted them in good faith for over 2 years only to be left with unhappy customers

  3. dianna bobo says:

    can you help me get in touch with the company who made this product. I am having warranty
    issues and i am being told by simi north America that my boiler was stolen. i paid for this item and it came with a warranty ! Can you please advise me?

    • It seems you are not going to get anywhere with the company unless you have some proof of purchase. Do you have a receipt or does the installer have the receipt? My suggestion in all cases is to go back to your installer for help, either with the warranty issue or repair. I hope this was of help.

  4. Andy Lenton says:

    You cannot be serious about Sime boilers. I have had one for 3 years now and it has never been right and consistently under-performs. Half a bath of warm (not hot) water if you are lucky. I would stay well clear and forget recommending something you have had no experience of.

  5. Thanks Andy for the comment. I agree with your feedback as a customer. I would not recommend this boiler to anyone. At the time of writing this article little was know about them, but proof is in the pudding, with unfortunate results.

  6. colin salter says:

    Hi, I`m an engineer that likes GOOD engineering, I find the best boiler for a conventional system is the Viessmann and If a customer needs (only if they need it) a combi I am now only recommending Intergas Combi`s. hope this is useful. thanks colin.

  7. Marc Glazer says:

    Since my last comment, I have unfortunately had to make return visits to numerous loyal customers who trusted my decision to supply and fit a Sime boiler. Sime Ltd will not pay for these call outs, but will charge their customers if they decide that it’s not a boiler related fault (no one to my knowledge has been invoiced) I wonder why? Sadly it has now come to the point where their so called service engineer MR M ELCOCK has asked me to advise on which parts he should replace. My reply, THE WHOLE THING with a Baxi Avanta plus, reliable, extremely quite and very efficient. Now when a customer contacts me it’s for an annual service, not a service call!

  8. Jean parry says:

    I had. This boiler fitted march 2014.. Decided on this model as it had. 10 yr cover….. Also. Told it was. Manufactured by Siemens….. By b&q….. Appalling after service …. Try and get an engineer out. Takes. 3 days. Don’t. Buy iqe boiler…. You will be very sorry and. Cold

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